April 23 – 28 2018

Memoir / Life Writing

This course will suit complete beginners, as well as those who have already begun to write about their lives. The aim will be to improve writing skills and learn about voice, structure, and how to handle dialogue, memory and authenticity. We will look at examples of memoir writing for modelling purposes and will use personal photographs as inspiration. The sharing of experiences and offering of constructive criticism within a small group will quickly enhance confidence. Reflecting on our lives and learning how to tell our stories effectively is a wonderful skill. By the end of the week some of your memories will be vividly told and down on paper for generations to come.


October 6 - 13 2018

Short Story Writing

This course will focus on the key skills necessary to write memorable short fiction and will be aimed primarily at writers with some experience (although that doesn't have to be specifically in short story writing). We will focus on voice, which is key, as well as working on setting, pace, dialogue, character and endings (or lack of them!). Workshops will include experimenting with different styles and approaches and we will study some published short story extracts to inform our own writing. By the end of the week I expect participants will have been able to finish and edit a new story to their satisfaction, ready to share with the group on the final evening.


November 26 - December 1 2018

Starting to Write

The Starting to Write course is suitable for anyone new to writing, or to those who have recently started but wish to hone their craft and improve confidence. We will cover fiction (short stories, flash fiction and novels) and also poetry. Morning writing workshops will include guided, hands-on writing exercises designed to free our imagination and improve technique. We will cover many elements of writing, including character building, dialogue, pacing and timelines.  At the end of the course I expect participants will have been able to finish and successfully edit at least one piece of prose or poetry to share with fellow group members at the final evening's reading.


December 10 - 15 2018

Edit Your Novel

This course is designed for writers who have completed a draft novel and wish to edit it successfully. It may be your first draft; it may be your second or third draft. It could be a piece of genre fiction or an experimental contemporary novel; it might be aimed at adults, young adults or middle-grade (8 - 12 year olds). Whatever type of fiction it is, the hard work of editing your novel remains largely the same. We will be looking carefully at plot arcs, inciting incidents, characters' motivation, conflict and timelines. Telling the story in the right order is often crucial to successful pacing, as is the careful choosing of chapter breaks and honing dialogue to sharpen characterisation. I will also be covering the tricky art of writing your synopsis and how to draft the best cover letters to agents. 

All courses offer an optional afternoon visit to Dylan Thomas’s Boathouse and Writing Shed in Laugharne which is included in the price.

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